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This package contains a collection of pipelines for dynamic modelling of biological systems. It aims to automate common processes and speed up productivity for tasks such as model simulation, single and double parameter scan, and parameter estimation.

For information on how to install and use SBpipe, please visit the user manual.

For information on how to develop new modules, please visit the developer manual.

These two manuals and the source code documentation are also available in docs/index.html within the main package folder.

SBpipe is a relatively young project and there is a chance that some error occurs. If this is the case, users should report issues using the following mailing list:

sbpipe AT

Open and closed discussions regarding SBpipe can be found in the forum:!forum/sbpipe

To help us better identify and reproduce your problem, some technical information is needed. These details can be found in SBpipe log files which are stored in ${HOME}/.sbpipe/logs/. If possible, it would be worth providing this extra information when reporting a bug.

Issues and feature requests can also be notified using the github issue tracking system at the web page:

How to cite SBpipe

Dalle Pezze, P and Le Novère, N. (2017) BMC Systems Biology 11:46. SBpipe: a collection of pipelines for automating repetitive simulation and analysis tasks. DOI: 10.1186/s12918-017-0423-3

Thanks for using SBpipe!

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